2021Toy Giveaway in San Antonio, TX: Dec 12th, 10AM - 2PM

Golden Bingo, San Antonio

2021 Toy Giveaway in Corpus Christi, TX: Dec 19th, 10AM - 2PM

Las Vegas Bingo, Corpus Christi

2021 Toy Giveaway in Austin, TX: Dec 18th, 10AM - 2PM

North Lamar Bingo, Austin


Positions Available

We need volunteers that love to shop! This position requires you to meet our team at one of our toy locations and fill up as many toys as you can in a shopping cart! How much fun is that? You will be provided with price ranges, genders and ages you are shopping for.

Welcome Elfs are cheerful greeters that welcome families into our event. We want our families and children to feel special and that is where you come in. Please dress in appropriate colors or a Christmas costume.

We need volunteers to be Santa’s helper!  The position requires showing Santa and Mrs. Clause where to change into their costumes, orientating them with the schedule and the building, then helping the children take pictures with Santa.


Toy Elfs are volunteers that help directs the children to toys! Toys will be organized by themes so you need to be familiar with our sections and help the children find what they are looking for. Please dress appropriately in the Chrismas spirit!

We will have several food stations that need filling. Before the event starts, we need help preparing lunch bags for the atendees, and during the event we will have a cotton candy machine. If you are a food, this would be a good place for you. Christmas clothes are appreciated, but not required.

Keeping a clean room is essential! In order to provide the children with a good experience, we need help tidying up over the day and cleaning up at the end of the event. Dress comfortably in Christmas colors or costumes.

Our Line Elfs help us keep everything running smoothly and efficiently! Dress comfortably and appropriately, and we will assign you to monitor and assist in heavy traffic areas during the day.

We expent to see thousands of people on the day of the event and we know sometimes rules might get broken. Help us make sure everyone has a good and fair experience. We need firm and strict personalities for this role.

If you like Christmas, dressing up like an elf and spreading holiday cheer, this position is perfect for you! We need happy elfs that will float around and fill any position that needs help.

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    “It was great! I went in and they let me pick anything I want, so I got something for my mom. She works so hard and I know Santa is going to bring me a truck, but my mom needs something nice, too. I couldn’t buy her a present, so I picked one out here and the elf said it was OK!”

    Steve (7)

    “My husband and I take care of our grandkids and at our years it get really rough. We were not sure if we would be able to get them presents for Christmas this year and then we heard about the Toy Giveaway at Golden Bingo. It was a godsent. All of our grandkids got to pick out a present and we are really thankful for that.”

    Monica (57)

    “I work in a children’s home and we bring our children here every year for a Christmas present. It has become a part of our Christmas tradition and everyone looks forward to it very much. It is great someone is doing this!”

    Jessica (34)



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